Smart Livestock system is an innovative solution for monitoring and analyzing livestock. It helps each farmer to save time and improve the productivity of livestock farming.


Reduction of the human factor in animal husbandry by using Cyber-physical systems. A Cyber-physical system is a concept in the field of information technology that involves the integration of computing resources into all kinds of physical objects, including biological and artificial ones.


Monitoring the health and improvement of animal welfare. The aims of integration of innovative technologies in animal husbandry are the easy monitoring of animal health in a continuously sustainable way to achieve the best results in terms of quality and quantity of production, as well as to ensure that the process is environmentally friendly.


Predicting future events and building patterns by processing large volumes of data and complex mathematical and computer models. Specially designed IoT devices collect data about animals and their environment. The value of data increases when unstructured data is processed, enriched, and analyzed to create useful information for farmers.

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Design of Scalable IoT Architecture Based on AWS for Smart Livestock

In the ecological future of the planet, intelligent agriculture relies on CPS and IoT to free up human resources and increase production efficiency. Due to the growing number of connected IoT devices, the maximum scalability capacity, and available computing power of the existing architectural frameworks will be reached. This necessitates finding a solution that meets the continuously growing demands in smart farming. Cloud-based IoT solutions are achieving increasingly high popularity. The aim of this study was to design a scalable cloud-based architecture for a smart livestock monitoring system following Agile methodology and featuring environmental monitoring, health, growth, behaviour, reproduction, emotional state, and stress levels of animals. The AWS services used, and their specific tasks related to the proposed architecture are explained in detail. A stress test was performed to prove the data ingesting and processing capability of the proposed architecture. Experimental results proved that the proposed architecture using AWS automated scaling mechanisms and IoT devices are fully capable of processing the growing amount of data, which in turn allow for meeting the required needs of the constantly expanding number of CPS systems.
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the Ministry of education and science under the National science program INTELLIGENT ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, grant agreement № Д01-62/18.03.2021

WP5: Cyber-physical systems for monitoring animal health and welfare.